EclipseXUL - XUL Support for Eclipse
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7. References

  • XUL

    XML User Interface Language (XUL).

  • XULPlanet

    The largest XUL related website out there.

  • XULRunner

    XULRunner is a single "gecko runtime" installable package that can be used to bootstrap multiple XUL+XPCOM applications that are as rich as Firefox and Thunderbird. It will provide mechanisms for installing, upgrading, and uninstalling these applications. XULRunner will also provide libXUL, an embedding framework which provides an embedding mechanism suitable for each platform.

    XULRunner is not an appropriate solution for small devices which cannot take the full memory or download weight of the XULRunner featureset. XULRunner must remain a relatively lightweight runtime. At the present time XULRunner applications are not expected to be forwards-compatible, and should be marked as compatible with a specific XULRunner version.

  • Common Public License

  • Apache Ant

    The ultimate "make" utility.

  • XPath

    XPath is a language for addressing parts of an XML document, designed to be used by both XSLT and XPointer.

  • Orangevolt EclipseXSLT

    The OrangevoltXSLT Feature enriches the Eclipse Platform with Support for XSL Transformations and a bunch of Eclipse WTP XML Editor extensions.

    The Orangevolt EclipseXUL Feature reuses the custom outline editor extension from Orangevolt EclipseXUL by providing an XUL outline configuration which results in a more readable outline.

  • Eclipse

    Probably the world's famous development platform.

  • Orangevolt

  • Eclipse WTP

    Eclipse Webtools is a suite of Eclipse plugins for editing various web related file formats.

  • ZVON XUL Reference

  • XSLT