EclipseXUL - XUL Support for Eclipse

Written by lars gersmann
Homepage: http://www.orangevolt.com
Latest Version: 0.0.2 (Build 2006-02-09)

Orangevolt EclipseXUL provides XSLT support to the Eclipse platform.

EclipseXUL is an Eclipse Feature adding XUL support to the Eclipse platform.

The Feature includes Wizards, Editors, Natures, Launch Configurations, Online Help and so on.

EclipseXUL explicitly supports standalone XUL application (aka XULRunner applications) !

The Software is based on Eclipse and Eclipse Webtools.

Please not that this documentaion is preliminary and subject of change !
Table of Contents
1.    Features
2.    Requirements
3.    Installation
4.    Usage
4.1.       Editor Extensions
4.1.1.          Autocompletion and On-the-fly Validation
4.1.2.          XUL Outline
4.2.       XUL Applications
4.2.1.          XUL Application Perspective             XUL Application Wizard             XUL Application Preferences             XUL Application Launch Shortcut             XUL Application Launch Configuration
5.    License
6.    Known bugs
7.    References
8.    History